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RAFTER – Ernest Alexander, b. abt.1934, Amherst, Cumberland County, NS
Submitted by Laura Farrell Dec-05

RAFTER – Vernon, b. abt.1932, Amherst, Cumberland County, NS
Submitted by Laura Farrell Dec-05

READ – Stephen, b. 1720, Yorkshire & Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Janet Read Oct-08

RECTOR – Parrsboro, Cumberland County, NS
Submitted by Barb VanderRoest Nov-01

RECTOR (SCOTT) – Basil Earl, b. 18-Aug-04, d. 26-Mar-41, b. Springhill, Cumberland County, NS
Submitted by Janice Rector 8/2001

Looking for information on Basil Earl Rector born August 18, 1904 in Springhill, Nova Scotia. Birth father possibly James Scott; Basil was adopted by Rueben and Emma Rector.
Rueben married Emma on March 23, 1895 in Springhill, NS and in the same year he left Emma to marry Emma’s sister, Mary, as Emma could not have children. Emma married Samuel A. Morrow on Sept. 7, 1912 in NS. Samuel died about 1954 and Emma about 1967. Emma is buried in Upham, NS. Basil’s birth mother may have died when Basil was 3 yrs. old and he may possibly have two sisters that were older than him. Partial adoption record shows that birth name may have been Earl Basil. Basil was a member of the Loyal Orange Lodge in Upham. In 1926 he married Blanche Sarah Buchanan in NB. Basil died at 36 yrs. of age on March 26, 1941 in Hanford Brook, NB.
Any information to fill in the gaps would be appreciated.
Jan Rector

RECTOR/RICHTER – George, b. ca.1752, d. 1842, Parrsboro & Westbrook, NS
Submitted by Anne E. Rector Oct-01

Interested in contact/additional information relating to my ancestor…
Rector/Richter, George
Birth Year – Circa 1752
Death Year – 1842
Location – Parrsboro/Westbrook Cumberland Co.
Submitter – Anne E. Rector,
Additional details – George was married to Mary Sparkes. Submitter descendant of their son Robert/wife Mary Ann Gow, and their son Ruben Rector/wife Angeline Elisabeth Pugsley. Anne Rector
Belleville Ontario, Canada

REDMAN – [various], b. 1760, d. present, Cumberland County, NS
Submitted by Rick Redmond Dec-01

REDMOND – Frederick, b. 1842, Cumberland County, NS
Submitted by Rick Redmond Dec-01

REDMOND – Samuel, b. 1808, Cumberland County, NS
Submitted by Rick Redmond Dec-01

REDMOND – [various], b. 1760, d. present, Cumberland County, NS
Submitted by Rick Redmond Dec-01

REID – Caroline, b. 08 Sep 1866, born Nova Scotia
Submitted by Pat Burdick May-02

The name I am searching for is

d.o.b.——–8 Sept.,1866, Nova Scotia

Caroline is my husbands maternal g-grandmother. All we can find out about her is that she met and married abt. 1889/90 or early 1891,–Richard Curnow Hawke, b.1863 Penzance ,Cornwall, England, We are assuming they were married in Nova Scotia because there are no records of the marriage in the BC Archives index.

According to the 1901 BC Census they were living in Victoria, BC, Caroline is listed as being born in NS, which to me means Nova Scotia? They had 3 children by then , all of whom were born in Victoria,BC.Their first child was born 1891.

In the BC1901 Census report they were living on Johnson St. and as well as Caroline and Richard and their 3 children, Richards parents were also living with them, Loveday Curnow ( maiden name), Hawke and Leonard Hawke.

There is no record of her death in BCArchives.

I’m sorry that is all the info I have about Caroline, but I’m keeping a positive thought that some helpfull info will come my way.

Pat Burdick

REID – James Arthur, b. 11 Jun 1880, d. 05-Jan-55, Joggins, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Barb Reid Oct-01

REID – Trueman, Fenwick, Cumberland County, NS
Submitted by Trudy Mackenzie Sep-04

RHODES – John, b. 1786, d. 1860, born Granville, Annapolis Co., NS
Submitted by Barbara A. Smith Jul-02

Looking for information on John Rhodes who was born in Granville, Annapolis County in 1786 and died in 1860. Census records show he with family resided for some time in River Philip before moving to the Amherst area. John was the father of Amherst businessman and one-time mayor, Nelson A. Rhodes.

Barbara A. Smith

RIPLEY – Murray C., b. 1913, b. River Philip, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Murray Ripley Oct-05

Murray C. Ripley. Born 1913 in River Philip N.S. Only Relative Known was Ted Ripley, Brother in B.C. Was adopted out at age 6. to Effie and George Heatheweite. Bayswater N.S. I am His son Murray Ripley Junior. and would like to know of any other living Relatives living in River Philip.N.S. Would like to hear from them if they are interested.

RIPLEY – Thomas, b. 1806, b. Maccan, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Earle Ripley Jul-02

I would like to register the following name who I believe is my great-great grandfather…

Thomas RIPLEY, born ca. 1806 in Maccan. I don’t know when he died but believe he may have married a Jane Bulmer, and had at least one son, James, born in 1837 in Fenwick, NS.

Earle Ripley

ROBERTS – Lulu Belle, b. 1910, d. May-92, Rose, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Pamela Drevininkas May-02

ROBERTS – Winnie, b. 1883, d. Nov-22, Rose, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Pamela Drevininkas May-02

ROBINSON – Cumberland Co., NS
Submitted by Marilyn Bennett Apr-01

ROBINSON – Marchant, Parrsboro, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Bruce Hayward Nov-02

Surname being researched is Robinson:

From reading “Historical Notes Parrsboro and Vicinity” by D. J. Taylor (in 1900) I have come across some of my families history displayed in a way that shows much of what aspects of life at the times were.

In it is described how John Parr Taylor was named for (and at the request of) the Governor in exchange for a grant of five hundred acres of land. Later the writings describe who the children of John Parr Taylor married. This is detailed at my site at:

One of his children, married a Marchant Robinson, the quote from the writings is:

“Eunice daughter of John Parr , married Marchant Robinson of Parrsboro. They lived for a short time at Westbrook, and removed from thence to New Brunswick, They had some five or six of a family. They named their eldest son Silas Tuschess Rand Robinson for the Rev. T. S. Rand who at that time just commenced preaching at Westbrook. “The name” Silas Tuschess Rand Robinson. He lived with that name till about two years ago and succumbed.”

One of the brick walls that I have come up against is that of Marchant Robinson, his family, and from whence he came. What I know can be found at our site at

Regards Bruce Hayward

ROBLEE – Thomas David, Wallace, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by George Warren May-01

Info on family of Thomas David ROBLEE, married Abigail REED Oct. 10, 1854 at Wallace. I know nothing of Abigail Reed. I would like to know the parents of Thomas Roblee. In 1871 census, the name was spelled ‘ROBLE’ In an article in the Citizen(a NS newspaper) on July 20, 1991 a portion of the 1891 census was listed by Ernest E. Coates of the Cumberland Co. Museum. He states that Thomas, a farmer and his mother were born in NS but his father was born in USA. Both parents of Abigail, his wife, were born in NS.
George Warren

{Response to query}

The following information is supplied by Catherine Dickie, a CCGS researcher, in response to your query on the Cumberland County Genealogical Society website, re: Roblee

Thomas and Abigail had

Charles Mansfield age 28 married 15 July 1896 Sarah Alice both age 22.
David Cyrus age 23 married 24 Oct 1881 Maggie A. McLellan age 30.
David Cyrus age 47 widower, married 12 Oct 1903 Mary Jane Stewart (nee Thompson) widow, age 45 .
Frank age 30 married 09 April 1901 Sadie Morris age 21.
George age 20 married 03 April 1889 Martha J. Roblee age 18.

In 1871 Census of Pugwash A #234
Thomas 51
Abigail 42
James 15
David 14
Harriet 12
Lucy 10
Sarah 8
Frank 5
George 2
Nancy Roblee age 77 his mother.

In 1861 census, Pugwash – Thomas D. Roblee
1 married male 30-40 he 41 (51 in 1871)
his wife 1 married female 30-40 she 32 (42 in 1871)
1 male 5-10 James 5 (15 in 1871)
1 male 4-5 David 4 (14 in 1871)
1 female 2-3 Harriet 2 (12 in 1871)
1 widow 60-70- Nancy 67 (77 in1871)
The rest were born after 1861 census.
The parents of Abigail were John Reed; Irish and Catherine (Bigney).

ROCKWELL – Charles Davison, b. 11 Dec 1818, d. 1901, Amherst Shore, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Rod Rockwell Apr-01

ROCKWELL – James Edward, b. 03 Oct 1780, d. 04 Oct 1858, Amherst Shore, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Rod Rockwell Apr-01

ROGERS – Cumberland Co., NS
Submitted by Dan MacDonald Mar-01

ROGERS – Cecil Vanderbilt, b. 19 Apr 1887, d. 23-May-63, b. Bishopville, d. Springhill, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Elizabeth Johnson May-07

ROONEY/RONEY – Effie, b. 15 Jul 1884, Springhill, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Pat Johnstone Jun-03

Hello — I am looking for information on the Rooney (Roney) family of Springhill. My grandmother was Effie Roney (DOB July 15, 1884). Had siblings by the names of Herbert, Lyle, Lottie, James, Lusby, Ottie. Daughter of Charles and Jane. Lived on Chester Street in 1901. Went to Truro Normal School (date?)

My email address is:

Thank you for any assistance.

Pat Johnstone

ROSS – Alexander McKenzie, b. 1856, Pugwash, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Nic Johnson Dec-05

Alexander McKenzie Ross born in Pugwash Cumberland County in 1856. Son of Kenneth ? and Margaret Graham? A family story suggests that following a scandal the family name was changed and possibly the McKenzie, now used as a second name, was the original surname. I would be grateful for any help.
regards Nic Johnson

ROSS – Sterling Alexander, b. 1887, d. 1949, Wallace/Malagash, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by D. P. Dawson Jun-05

ROSS – William, b. bet. 1750-1800, d. aft.1834, Cumberland Co., NS
Submitted by Betty Morgan Aug-04

RUSHTON – Arthur, b. ca.1900, d. 1956, Westchester, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Gloud Blaikie Mar-04

RUSHTON – Esther, b. ca.1764, b. New York
Submitted by Wendy Greenlaw Jan-02

Seeking information regarding Esther Rushton born in New York about 1764 and married Jonathan Worden. They had a daughter named Jerusha Worden, born on March 25, 1797 and she married an Edward O’Brien. They resided in Nova Scotia, I believe. Any information regarding any of these individuals, I would be forever grateful for. Thank you.


Wendy Greenlaw
3 Gallows Hill
Cratloe, Co. Clare

RUSHTON – Isaac, b. 1790, d. 1869, Westchester, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Charla Hardesty Mar-01

RUSHTON – Jeremiah, b. 1756, d. 1838, Westchester, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Charla Hardesty Mar-01

RUSHTON – John, b. 1727, d. 1799, Westchester, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Charla Hardesty Mar-01

RUSHTON – Nathaniel (Jr.), b. 1853, d. ca.1884, Cumberland County, NS
Submitted by Betty Sep-03

RUTLEDGE – James Edward, b. ca.1857, Cumberland County, NS
Submitted by Dianne Fournier Mar-04

I am looking for more information on the parents of James Edward Rutledge (First wife – Susan Hanright, Second wife – Mary Stella Burns) parents Rufus and Catherine Rutledge. James was born 1857 so his father was probably born in the 1830s. Can anyone help.

Dianne Fournier

RUTLEDGE – John, b. ca.1789, d. 20 Apr 1873, Salem, Cumberland County, NS
Submitted by Rebecca Rutledge Jan-06

RYAN – Northern Ireland
Submitted by Carl O. Demings Aug-01