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DACRES – Margaret, Parrsboro, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Greg Brown Jan-03

Looking for information on:

Brown, Benjamin born about 1811, New Horton, N.B. but who settled in New Yarmouth, Cumberland County, N.S. – who were his parents, siblings, etc.

Brown, Hiram – married Margaret Dacres in 1856 St. George’s Anglican Church Records, Parrsboro, N.S. He moved to Parrsboro prior to 1856 and family legend says he was “lost at sea” leaving two young sons, Amos and James. Who was Hiram, and where did he come from?

Greg Brown
23 Carnation Crescent
Riverview, N.B.
E1B 4C2

DALTON – William, b. 1900?, Amherst, Cumb. Co., NS (moved from Shemogue NB)
Submitted by Gregory Dalton Aug-09

DAVISON – Cecilia Augusta, d. ca.1871, Parrsboro Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Cathy MacKenzie Apr-01

DAVISON – Sarah, b. 12 Apr 1869, Cumberland County, NS
Submitted by Joan Hearty Mar-07

I am interested in finding out more about my great aunt Sarah Newcomb

Surname: Newcomb Maiden name: Davison
Given Name: Sarah
Birth: April 12, 1869.

Parents: Timothy and Christyana Davison

Husband Name: Bradford Newcomb

Children’s names
Lauris, Erma and Edna

I look forward to hearing from you.

Joan Hearty

DAWSON – Jane M., d. 22-Mar-06, Tidnish, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Karen Hamilton Aug-01

James F. Weeks married Jane M. Dawson on 1/8/1845. They had seven children. James died 5/2/1905; she on 3/22/1906.

Eliza Weeks, 3/15/1847, married Galvin Gooden.
Josephine Weeks, 3/15/1847, married Robert Cook.
Theresa Jane Weeks, 2/28/1848 – died 1925
Benjamin Jones Weeks, 3/15/1851, married Edith Skalls.
John Franklin Weeks, 5/11/1854, married Annie Mathason.
Dr. Charles Tupper Weeks, 2/25/1859, married Bessie Smith on 3/6/1889. They lived in Cambridge, Mass., USA for a while.
Bedford Harper Weeks, 11/17/1861 married Mary Jane Mayberry, 1/30/1871 on 10/2/1887 in Denver, Colo. He died 3/23/1944; she 4/25/1957. These were my grandparents. The story I was told is he won a trip to Denver and met and married Mary Jane while there. They were returning to N.S. when they ran out of money and settled here in Massachusetts.

I visited Riverside Cemetery in Tidnish Bridge where many of these relatives are buried.

My grandparents are buried in Lexington, Mass.

I’d like to know if I have any relatives in the Tidnish area, and can anyone fill in where and when James and Jane were born.

Thank you.

Karen Hamilton
Tel: (978) 496-8646
Fax: (978) 496-8598

DEBAIE – Cumberland Co., NS
Submitted by Carol Tower May-01

DEBAIE – Cumberland County, NS
Submitted by Carol-Ann Barrett Jun-05

DEERY/DERRY – George, Amherst, Cumb. Co., NS 1860/70’s
Submitted by Judith P. Burns Aug-02

DEFORREST – Isaac, b. abt 1801, Cumb. Co., NS; CT & NY, USA
Submitted by Sandee Bennett Mar-06

I am looking for Isaac DeForrest ( or De Forrest or DeForest) born in 1801-1802 in Nova Scotia. His parents I do not know. He had several children born in Nova Scotia so I think he was married here. His wife’s name may be Aseneth. He left Nova Scotia and went to CT. where a couple of other children were born before he went to the Rochester New York area where he had more children and settled. It is possible that his parents were part of the Loyalist group since he did go to CT later. Any help would be appreciated.

Sandee Bennett

DELANEY – Stephen Rufus, d. 22-Jan-63, died Halifax, NS
Submitted by Heather McLean Oct-03

I am trying to locate the Obituary for Mrs. Stephen Delaney (Ada Evelyn) she died in Springhill Nova Scotia on Friday September 30, 1966. Also that of her husband Mr. Stephen Rufus Delaney who died in Halifax Nova Scotia on January 22, 1963. To date I have been unable to locate a newspaper with these Obituaries listed. Your help in locating the write ups would be greatly appreciated.

I thank you
Mrs. Heather L. McLean (Delaney)

DELHUNTY – David, b. 1834, Nova Scotia
Submitted by Aline Jun-03

seeking any info on a David Delhunty (soundex) born 1834 in nova scotia married eliza butler 1856 in bostford county new brunswick had the following children born in nova scotia ; nancy and sara born 1864, richard born 1866, joseph born 1860, maryanne born? any information would be greatly appreciated… me at


DEMINGS – Portugal & NS
Submitted by Carl O.Demings Aug-01

DICKEY (DICKIE) – Margaret, b. 1758, d. 1839,
Submitted by Suzyqe101 Apr-11

DICKIE – Priscilla, b. 1862, d. 1930, Mount Pleasant, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Frederic Smith Feb-07

DOBSON – Arthur, b. 16 Mar 1870, d. 01-Jul-45, b. Sussex, NB d. Amherst, NS
Submitted by Barb Reid Oct-01

DONCASTER – Cumberland Co., NS
Submitted by Bonnie J.Trembley Mar-01

Submitted by Cathy Mazur Dec-08

DONCASTER – Frank Lester, b. 1882, d. 1952, Cumberland County, NS
Submitted by Peter Chapman Jan-06

DONKIN – Ernest Augustus, Amherst, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Carol Bierman Aug-03

Dear Sirs,
Having just read your entry on the above, after whom the town of Donkin in Cape Breton Island was named, I am wondering if you have any information on other relatives of Hiram Donkin.
My father, Laurence Ernest Donkin was born in New Glasgow in 1914. His father was Frederick William Donkin born in Missoula, Montana in 1892.
His (my father’s) grandfather was Ernest Augustus Donkin born in Amherst, Nova Scotia but I have no date for that; however, he married Cecilia Dove Thompson, who was born in New Glasgow in 1886 in New Glasgow.
My father always told me that the man for whom the town of Donkin was named has been a relative of ours and he thought a great, great uncle.
If you have no additional genealogy on Hiram Donkin, would you know where I might find this information?
Thank you for any assistance you can provide.
Carol Bierman (nee Donkin)

DOTTON – Thomas P., b. 1821 Germany, Wallace, Cumb. County, NS
Submitted by Kim L. Gates 9/2017

I was very pleased to discover your surname registry! I would like to add my relatives to the list and hope to find some answers. Thank you!

Thomas P. Dotton, b 1821 Germany
Farmer, C Methodist

Married Margaret Simpson, b 1824 Scotland.

Children, all born in Wallace, Cumberland, NS:

Margaret Catherine Dotton, b June 1852 (my 2nd great grandmother). d 1901 Boston; Death certificate states buried in Musquodoboit Harbor. m Charles Amos Gates 1876 Halifax

John S. Dotton, b 1853. d 1907 Boston, MA, US

Jane Dotton, b 1856. m Clay. widowed. m James Henry Allen Zwicker

Maggie Dotton, b 1862

Family present in 1871 Wallace Census. No census records after that (Canada or US).

Looking for death dates, marriages, etc for Thomas and Margaret.

My family tree is on

Thank you!
– Kim

DOW – Mary Jane, b. 1818, d. 1861, Dilligent River, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Barb VanderRoest Nov-01

DOWNING – Michael, Cumb. Co. > NB
Submitted by Wendy Whelen Feb-09

DOYLE – Joseph, b. 1814, d. 1893, Amherst Head
Submitted by John Doyle Mar-15

DRYDEN – William, b. 1841, d. ca.1891, b. Halifax, lived Parrsboro, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Andy Hopper Jan-02

DUNHAM – Asher, b. 15 Jul 1744, d. abt.1803, Parrsboro,Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by George “Tom” Dunham Sep-08

DUNN – Eleanor F., bur. River Hebert, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Bev Sumpter Apr-01

DUNN – Jane Elisabeth, Cumberland Co., NS
Submitted by Bev Sumpter Apr-01

DUNN – John William, arrival c.1790, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Bev Sumpter Apr-01

Dunn, John William was a British clerk in the army, he spent time at Gibraltar along with his wife Eleanor (Taylor), they arrived in the Chignecto area approx. 1790 and had two daughters, Eleanor F. Dunn who married Benjamin Wood of River Hebert, my 3 greats grandfather, and a daughter Jane Elisabeth Dunn who married James Jenks…both Benjamin and Eleanor are buried in Hillside Cemetery in River Hebert, not sure where John and Eleanor Dunn are buried but at the time that both daughters were married the marriage record shows them living in Amherst, NS…1812 and 1814…in a petition that Eleanor Taylor Dunn makes to the Government of NB…Parish of Westmorland, she states that she is owed monies for teaching the previous term and that she is a widow of advanced age, and that her husband had mustered out of the army upwards of thirty years ago…the petition is dated March 1828…

Henwood, Elijah, his son Jeremiah and Charlotte Menard Henwood …cumberland co… and I would go with whatever Norma Day has as dates and places…we have shared and traded information in the past…

Coates, Thomas and his wife Ann Hood …both are buried in the Old Harrison Burying Ground…they are my five greats grandparents and their daughter Mary married Peter Wood in approx. 1786 and son Benjamin was born 3/1787…
Have a lot of information on all of my lines and am willing to share with anyone who would like to learn more about their lines…also have a lot of lateral information on these lines…
Take care…
Bev Sumpter

DUNSMORE – William, b. 1850, d. 1928, born Scotland, & Oxford, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Nanci Graves Sep-08

To whom it may concern;
I would like to add a name to your registry please.
Name: Dunsmore
Location: Oxford, Cumberland County

I would like to attach the information below:

William Dunsmore was born 04 Jan 1850 in Paisley, Scotland and died 15 Dec 1928 in Oxford, Cumberland County, NS. He married Jean Reid 29 Dec 1871 in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland. She was born 06 Mar 1851 in Paisley, Scotland and died 14 Mar 1930 in Oxford, Cumberland County, NS, daughter of Alexander Reid and Elizabeth Cochrane. They came to Canada between 1874-1876. Jean Reid was the sister of my GG-grandmother

Children of William Dunsmore and Jean Reid:

1. Archibald Dunsmore was born 04 Aug 1872 in Paisley, Scotland and died 04 Feb 1932 in Oxford, Cumberland County, NS
2. Elizabeth Cochrane Dunsmore was born 05 Apr 1874 in Paisley, Scotland and died AFT 1932. She married Charles Elvin Peel 05 Nov 1902 in Oxford, Cumberland County, NS. He was born 20 Nov 1869 in Hansford, Cumberland County, NS and died before 26 Nov 1907, son of William Peel and Almira Schurman. Children of Charles Peel and Elizabeth Dunsmore:
Earle Archibald Peel was born 05 Sep 1903 in Oxford, Cumberland County, NS
Ethel Jeanette Peel was born 11 Feb 1906 in Oxford, Cumberland County, NS
Jeanne Wilina Peel was born 26 Nov 1907 in Oxford, Cumberland County, NS
3. Thomas Alexander Dunsmore was born 02 Apr 1876 in Oxford, Cumberland County, NS. He married Lelia J Fulton 30 Dec 1903 in Upper Stewiacke, Colchester County, NS. She was born ABT 1884 in Upper Stewiacke, Colchester County, NS, daughter of Ebenezer Fulton and Margaret Gammell.
4. Sarah Donald Dunsmore was born 31 Jan 1879 in Oxford, Cumberland County, NS. She married Alexander Robert MacDonald 31 Aug 1904 in Oxford, Cumberland County, NS. He was born ABT Apr 1881 in Stellarton, Pictou County, NS, died before 1921, son of James W MacDonald and Janet Unknown.

Children of Alexander MacDonald and Sarah Dunsmore:

Arthur MacDonald was born Jan 1907 in Nova Scotia
Willard MacDonald was born Oct 1908 in Nova Scotia
Harold MacDonald was born Jun 1910 in Nova Scotia
Possibly three daughters
5. David Logan Dunsmore was born ABT 17 Aug 1881 in Oxford, Cumberland County, NS and died 21 May 1887 in Oxford, Cumberland County, NS
6. Arthur W Dunsmore was born 23 Apr 1888 in Oxford, Cumberland County, NS

Thank you in advance

Nanci Graves

DWYER – Augus, Cumberland Co., NS
Submitted by Ann Dampier Aug-06