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WALLACE – Richard, b. 10 Jun 1852, b. Cumberland County, NS
Submitted by George Wallace 9/2004

WARD – Thomas, b. 1835, d. 1904, b. England – res. Oxford/Springhill, Cumb. Co.,NS
Submitted by Richard Ward 10/2002

WATSON – John Cameron, d. 5 Jul 1900, Amherst, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Rachel Falldien 8/2004

WEATHERBEE – William, b. 1882, Williamsdale, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Charles Weatherbee 3/2002

WEATHERBY/WEATHERBEE – Joseph, b. 30 Apr 1851, d. bef 1920, Londonderry, NS & Amherst, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Cindy Weatherbee 11/2004

Weatherbee/y, Joseph
Birth 30 April 1851
Death before 1920
Location Londonderry, Colchester, NS to Amherst, Cumberland, NS
Married Sara Stultz daughter of William Stultz and Patience (Cole) Tidd
Submitted by Cindy Weatherbee

WEBB – Cumberland Co., NS
Submitted by Jonathan H. Davidson 3/2001

WEBB – Josiah, b. 1796, Cumb. Co., NS Queens Co., NB
Submitted by Karen Webb 7/2004

I have been searching for a Josiah Webb that was born in Nova Scotia in1796, possibly came from River Phillip.

He apparently moved to N.B. and married a Ruth Jenkins in Kingston, N.B. and later moved to Jerusalem, Hampstead Parish, Queens Co., N.B.

I have his decendants but cannot locate his ancestors. Perhaps his parents moved to N.S. from the states.

There was a Noah Webb, but Josiah does not seem to be in this line of Webbs.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


WEEKS – James, d. 02 May 1905, Tidnish, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Karen Hamilton 8/2001

James F. Weeks married Jane M. Dawson on 1/8/1845. They had seven children. James died 5/2/1905; she on 3/22/1906.

Eliza Weeks, 3/15/1847, married Galvin Gooden.
Josephine Weeks, 3/15/1847, married Robert Cook.
Theresa Jane Weeks, 2/28/1848 – died 1925
Benjamin Jones Weeks, 3/15/1851, married Edith Skalls.
John Franklin Weeks, 5/11/1854, married Annie Mathason.
Dr. Charles Tupper Weeks, 2/25/1859, married Bessie Smith on 3/6/1889. They lived in Cambridge, Mass., USA for a while.
Bedford Harper Weeks, 11/17/1861 married Mary Jane Mayberry, 1/30/1871 on 10/2/1887 in Denver, Colo. He died 3/23/1944; she 4/25/1957. These were my grandparents. The story I was told is he won a trip to Denver and met and married Mary Jane while there. They were returning to N.S. when they ran out of money and settled here in Massachusetts.

I visited Riverside Cemetery in Tidnish Bridge where many of these relatives are buried.

My grandparents are buried in Lexington, Mass.

I’d like to know if I have any relatives in the Tidnish area, and can anyone fill in where and when James and Jane were born.

Thank you.

Karen Hamilton
Tel: (978) 496-8646
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WELCH – Daniel, b. 1885, d. 1949, b.Wentworth, Cumb. Co., NS/ d.Saskatchewan
Submitted by Darlene Nielsen 3/2005

Frank Daniel Welch/Welsh
Born:1885 Wentworth, NovaScotia
Death:1949 Saskatchewan

His Father
James Rhyndress (sp?) Welch/Welsh
Born: 1852 Wallace Harbour, Nova Scotia
Death: 1921 Saskatchewan

His Father
James Robert Welch/Welsh
Born: ?, Nova Scotia

Looking for info on all but mostly my Great Great Grandfather James Robert Welch birth, death, etc.

Darlene (Welch) Nielsen

WELDON – John, b. 1732, d. 1821, Cumberland Township, NS
Submitted by Don Chapman 3/2001

WELLS – Douglas Bliss, b. c.1863, Cumberland County, NS
Submitted by The Wrights 2/2003

WELLS – William (Jr.), b. 22 Jul 1775, d. bef 06 Oct 1831, Westmorland Co., NB
Submitted by Pat (Wells) Miner 4/2001

WESLEY – Christina, b. 26 Jan 1888, Amherst, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Lori Colborne Barry 9/2002

WESLEY – Sabrina (Gilchrist), b. 31 Mar 1865, d. 11 Sep 1943, Hastings, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Jean Blaney 11/2004

WEST – Hannah, b. 4 Sep 1830, d. 2 Sep 1918, d. Pugwash, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Elizabeth Johnson 5/2007

WHITE – George Henry, b. 13 Sep 1880, Cumberland County
Submitted by Rick Redmond 12/2001

WHITE – James (Joseph) D., b. ca.1850-1860, Cumberland County
Submitted by Rick Redmond 12/2001

WHITE – Joseph M., Amherst, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Calvin E. Phillips 3/2001

WHITE – Maude Lillian, b. 1881, d. 1917, Cumberland County, NS
Submitted by Davis Manning 7/2003

WHITE – William, b. abt. 1763, d. 18 Apr 1831, Cumberland County, NS
Submitted by J.R.White 2/2005


I hope to learn more about the White family of Amherst. This is what I have found so far, and can stand to be corrected:

Gen 1
(The Williams are many, this is how I have assigned their death dates from Christ Church Anglican Records)
William White I (died April 18, 1831, age 68) married unknown. ?Mary Present in the 1827 Census: Methodist. Household: 13 persons, 5 males, 6 females, 1 servant, 1 labourer. Farmer, with 80 acres of cultivated land.

Gen 2
His son William White II (?d. May 22, 1842) married Nancy Caroline Morse (1784-1815 age 31), daughter of Alpheus Morse of Amherst (marriage bond 28 October 1800); Present in the 1827 Census: Church of England. Household: 2 males, 1 female. Farmer with 15 acres of cultivated land. They both are in the Old Burying Ground, Amherst #M-144.

Gen 3
Children of William White & Nancy Caroline Morse

- William White III (?d. January 21, 1850) married 1st cousin, Mary Morse, daughter of John Alline Morse (son of Alpheus Morse) and Abigail Chapman. (Marriage bond June 1826 for William White, Amherst, Cumberland County, Occupation: Gentleman. William White and John Morse of River Philip signed the bond.) Old Burying Ground, Amherst (M-141)

- eldest daughter Mary Eliza White, (died 13 Feb 1866) married Mar 14, 1835 Joseph Reade (born in County Clare, Ireland, died 19 Nov 1862 Bathurst NB). She was married as “daughter of William White, Amherst”

- Ruth White (born ~1814) married 1845 in Amherst, 2nd wife, John Woolner Esq. (born ?1808 England) Shipbuilder, Bathurst NB. She was married as “daughter of the late William White”, so he was the William who died 1842.

Gen 4
Son of William White III & Mary Morse James Stewart White (1827 Amherst–1909 Oromocto NB), married Sarah Isabel Hazen (1829-1907) of Oromocto, New Brunswick, daughter of Charles Hazen of Oromocto & Sarah Nevers Perley of Maugerville. This is where I come in, 4 generations later.

The Morse family is certainly well-researched, but I have found very little on the Whites. Can anyone add to and/or correct this? Does anyone know their origin before Amherst? Did the family continue in Nova Scotia?

J R White

WILKINS – William, b. 1787, b. England, lived Fredericton, NB
Submitted by Norman Peter Daprato 7/2001

Hello. I would like to register my GGGGF, William Wilkins, and his family. He was born in Unknown, England in Unknown, 1787 and came to the Fredericton area of New Brunswick sometime before August 1834. He married Mary Smith in Unknown, England between 1807 -1810. They had 8 children. The first of whom was my GGGF, John Wilkins SR, who was born in July 1811 in Unknown, England and he married Elise Jane Lyons on 11 June 1840 in Fredericton (York), NB, Canada. John died on 18 December 1892 and he is buried in the Calais Cemetery, Calais (Washington), ME. They had six children.

The eight child was Charles Wilkins SR who was born in August 1834 in Fredericton. Charles married Sarah Jane Weaver on 26 Nov 1860 in Fredericton (I believe). Charles died on 18 November 1903 and he is buried in Princeton (Washington), ME. They had ten children.

William and Mary Smith’s other children were:

a. William Wilkins JR – DOB: ABT 1820 in Unknown, England – DOD: 7 July 1865 – POD: Durham, NB, Canada – He married first: Ann Lawford (Lafford) in Unknown on Unknown – They had three children – Second he married Eliza Weaver 0n 4 February 1853 in Unknown – They had three children.

b. Harriet Wilkins – DOB: Unknown, 1821 in Unknown, England – She married a Charles King – DOD: Unknown, 1887 – POD: Unknown, NB, Canada.

c. Joseph Wilkins – DOB: 27 July 1829 in Unknown, England – He married Sarah Horne on 26 November 1860 in Fredericton (I believe) – Joseph died in September 1903 in an unknown location – They had seven children.

d. Lucy Wilkins – DOB: Unknown, 1830 in Unknown, England – DOD/POD: Unknown – She married William Booker on 6 December 1843 in Fredericton (I believe) – They had seven children.

e. Charlotte Ann Wilkins – DOB: 1831 – POB: Unknown – She married Benjamin Edney JR on 26 November 1860 in Fredericton (I believe) – She died on 28 August 1909 in Fredericton – They had five children.

f. Martha Wilkins – DOB: Unknown, 1833 – POB: Unknown – She never married (?) – DOD/POD: Unknown.

Thanks for registering my GGGGF and his family.

Norman Peter (King) Daprato

WILSON – Colchester & Cumberland County, NS
Submitted by Karen Broughton 2/2005

WILSON – George, b. 29 Mar 1859, Parrsboro & River Hebert, NS
Submitted by Lilla Cole 11/2002

WILSON – John, b. 25 Dec 1817, Cumberland County, NS
Submitted by Lilla Cole 11/2002

WILSON – John Havelock, b. 1891, Cumberland County, NS
Submitted by Lilla Cole 11/2002

WILSON – Nancy, b. c.1807, Cumberland County, NS
Submitted by Dick Silvernail 4/2004

Nancy Wilson, b. NS about 1807, married John O’Brien 1832 in Wallace, died between 1871-1881 in Pugwash area.

John O’Brien, b. NS, married Nancy Wilson 1832 in Wallace, died before 1871.

Thank you,

Dick Silvernail

WILSON – Robert, b. 1836-43, d. 25 Dec 1909, b. Londonderry, Col. Co., NS
Submitted by Dave Difazio 6/2005

WINTERS – b. 1700′s, d. 1800′s, Cumberland County, NS
Submitted by Gary Winters 2/2003

WINTERS – [various], b. 1800-present, Cumberland County, NS
Submitted by Rick Redmond 12/2001

WOOD – Benjamin, b. Mar. 1787, bur. River Hebert, NS
Submitted by Bev Sumpter 4/2001

WOOD – Catherine, b. Ireland ?, res. Woods Mtn. /Port Greville, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Katherine Walker 5/2002

WOOD – David, b. 1806, b. Ireland ?, res. Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Kevin & Donalda Wood 7/2002

Looking for information on “David Wood” —Born 1806 location??——Married March 4/1832 to “Mary Ann Taylor” –Born 1801, they had Four Children ,one of which was my great,great,great grandfather “Oliver Wood”. This all took place somewhere in Cumberland County

Kevin & Donalda Wood

WOOD – Dianna, Cumberland Co., NS
Submitted by Leah Joys 4/2001

I am researching Joseph Latta and his descendants on my husband’s side of the family. Joseph was born about 1798 in Ireland, likely St. Johnston near Ardagh, and died in 1874 at River Hebert. He likely was in Nova Scotia by 1820. He married Elizabeth McMorris or Morris (1811 – 1844), who came with her parents to Cumberland County in 1817. Joseph and Elizabeth had four children: Abraham (1835 – 1919) who married Diana Wood, Matthew (abt. 1838 – 1864), Elizabeth (1840 – 1920) who married Thomas Edward Anderson of Sackville about 1861, and Jane (abt. 1844 – 1882) who married David Amos. Most of the Lattas in earlier times were in the River Hebert region.
Leah Joys

{Response to query}

The following information is supplied by Catherine Dickie, a CCGS researcher, in response to your query on the Cumberland County Genealogical Society website, re: Amos/Anderson/Latta/McMorris/Wood.

Abraham Latta 1835-1919 his wife Diana Wood 1844- 30 July 1917 (Latta Cemetery, River Hebert (Cemetery #20 in Some Cumberland Cemeteries by Susan Hill))

Joseph Latta died 02 Dec 1874 age 77 yrs. his wife Elizabeth McMorris died 8 April 1844 age 33 yrs.
Matthew Latta died 04 May 1864 age 26 yrs. (Trinity Cemetery, River Hebert (Cemetery #19 in Some Cumberland Cemeteries by Susan Hill))

David Amos (age 28) son of Adam and Ellen married 26 March 1867 to Jane Latta (age 24) daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth

WOOD – Edward, d. 1960′s ?, New Prospect, Cumberland Co., NS
Submitted by Sandra ( Wood ) Lee 5/2010

WOOD – Hannah, b. 1812, d. 1888, Maccan, Cumberland Co., NS
Submitted by Fraser Carr 2/2004

WOOD – Heber, b. 1868, d. 1951, River Hebert, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Donna Embree 4/2004

WOOD – Nettie Mae, b. 5 Aug 1892, Chignecto, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Donna Embree 4/2004

WOOD – Peter, m. abt.1786 Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Bev Sumpter 4/2001

WOOD – Samuel, Loyalist of Westchester Co., NY, buried in Maccan, NS
Submitted by Bev Sumpter 4/2001

Surnames that I’m researching are:
Wood, Samuel and his descendants…he is the Loyalist who was transported from Westchester Co., NY during the American Revolution along with his son Peter…Samuel is my 5 greats grandfather, and Peter my fourth…have a lot of information on this line down to the present…Samuel settled in Maccan and he is buried in the old Harrison Burying Ground in Maccan…

Greenfield, James and his descendants…he is an immigrant from County Down, Northern Ireland and arrived in Cumberland Co. in 1820 where he petitioned the crown for land for himself, his wife Jane, and his three children…he lived in River Hebert, and in Amherst…he is buried in Trinity United Cemetery in River Hebert…

WOODLAND – James Bamford, b. 23 Oct 1860, Wallace, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Sharon Yost 10/2006

WORDEN – Jonathan, d. Nova Scotia
Submitted by Wendy Greenlaw 1/2002

Seeking information regarding Esther Rushton born in New York about 1764 and married Jonathan Worden. They had a daughter named Jerusha Worden, born on March 25, 1797 and she married an Edward O’Brien. They resided in Nova Scotia, I believe. Any information regarding any of these individuals, I would be forever grateful for. Thank you.


Wendy Greenlaw
3 Gallows Hill
Cratloe, Co. Clare

WORDEN – Jonathan, b. 16 Sep 1761, d. 21 May 1836, b. Westchester Co., NY d. Halton Co., ON res. Cumb. Co., NS bef. 1827
Submitted by Debby Worden 4/2004

Jonathan Worden was born Sept 16, 1761 NY, Westchester Co. He married Esther Rushton after Oct 15, 1784 in Nova Scotia. They had the following children: James, ~1790, Samuel born Jan 5, 1792, Israel Jamison born Jan 25, 1794, Jerusha born Mar 23, 1797, Sarah born June 16, 1799, Jeremiah born April 11, 1802, Peter born after 1803. All born NS, Cumberland Co. In 1827 some of the family moved to Ontario. On May 21, 1836 Jonathan died in Halton Co., Ont. His wife Esther Rushton died Mar 12, 1851. This is not my direct line, but I have a lot more info as I’ve tried to find Jonathans parents to link to my line.
Debby Worden

WYNN/WINN – Cumberland Co., NS
Submitted by Barbara Northan 3/2001