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LAMB – Charles Freeman, b. 24 Jan 1863-6?, d. 21-Apr-32, Parrsboro, NS, died Manitoba
Submitted by Charlie Lamb Nov-02

LAMB – Willard, d. 07-Apr-73, Parrsboro, NS
Submitted by PAULA AND BRAD CROOKS Oct-10

LAMBERT – James Albert George, b. 1843-6?, d. 1928, Cumberland Co.
Submitted by David Lambert Mar-09

LANDEL(L)S – Cumberland County, NS
Submitted by TerryAnn Landells Jul-02

LANGILLE – Percy, b. 1899, d. 1965, Parrsboro, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Dorothy Thomas Aug-05

I have been trying to find out about a :
Ralph Langille b. about early 1920’s
Father Percy Langille b. 1899 d 1965
Mother Fay Fulton Langille. 1904 d. 1956
I would think that census should varify his birth.
He would be a brother of mine.

Dorothy F. Thomas
573 Amber Jack D.
Ballwin, Mo, 63021



LANGILLE (LANGIL) – Lucinda Jane, b. 17 May 1898, North Wallace, NS
Submitted by Dale Russell FitzPatrick Mar-12

Parents: James Henry Langille (Langil) and Frances Emily Pedgrift
Location : Possibly Cumberland or Colchester Counties, or USA
Marriage: 18 Sep 1940 to Edward Joseph Russell – died 08 Jan 1949, buried North Wallace 12 Jan 1949

LANK – Edward, d. ca.1800-1850, Land grant, Economy, Col. Co., NS
Submitted by Judith Graham Jan-02

On December 12th last,[2001] there was an obituary for the late June LANK of Parrsboro. I am interested in finding out who her great grandmother was. Her grandparents were Alfred W LANK b about 1856 Bass River and Margaret Ann Blair b about 1857 in North River. Alfred LANK’s parents were Robert Lank and Ellen _____? b about 1825.

I have reason to believe that this Ellen _____ might be Ellen CAMERON, daughter of Archibald Cameron and Jennet Hanning. Does anyone know if this is correct?

Judith Graham

LATTA – Joseph, b. ca.1798, d. 1874, Ireland & River Hebert, Cumb Co., NS
Submitted by Leah Joys Apr-01


I am researching Joseph Latta and his descendants on my husband’s side of the family. Joseph was born about 1798 in Ireland, likely St. Johnston near Ardagh, and died in 1874 at River Hebert. He likely was in Nova Scotia by 1820. He married Elizabeth McMorris or Morris (1811 – 1844), who came with her parents to Cumberland County in 1817. Joseph and Elizabeth had four children: Abraham (1835 – 1919) who married Diana Wood, Matthew (abt. 1838 – 1864), Elizabeth (1840 – 1920) who married Thomas Edward Anderson of Sackville about 1861, and Jane (abt. 1844 – 1882) who married David Amos. Most of the Lattas in earlier times were in the River Hebert region.
Leah Joys

{Response to query}

The following information is supplied by Catherine Dickie, a CCGS researcher, in response to your query on the Cumberland County Genealogical Society website, re: Amos/Anderson/Latta/McMorris/Wood.

Abraham Latta 1835-1919 his wife Diana Wood 1844- 30 July 1917 (Latta Cemetery, River Hebert (Cemetery #20 in Some Cumberland Cemeteries by Susan Hill))

Joseph Latta died 02 Dec 1874 age 77 yrs. his wife Elizabeth McMorris died 8 April 1844 age 33 yrs.
Matthew Latta died 04 May 1864 age 26 yrs. (Trinity Cemetery, River Hebert (Cemetery #19 in Some Cumberland Cemeteries by Susan Hill))

David Amos (age 28) son of Adam and Ellen married 26 March 1867 to Jane Latta (age 24) daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth

LEADBETTER – Peter, b. abt.1810, d. 1875, d. Pugwash, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Jody Champlin Sep-08

I am trying to locate information on Peter Leadbetter who died in 1875 at the age of 65, buried in Palmerston Cemetery, in Pugwash. We are trying to find out where he was born and who for certain his parents were. Peter’s wife was Susannah Worth from Cape Breton, daughter of Captain Benjamin Worth who came to Cape Breton from New Jersey and who was granted a land grant in Mabou, Cape Breton. The only information we have on Peter and Susannah is that in 1855 Peter purchased land in Pugwash from James Black. In 1864 Peter appears in one of the Newfoundland Directories for Harbor Grace where he is listed as a Carpenter. Several of Peter & Susannah’s children are listed as having been born in Newfoundland, but no birth records have yet to be found… I have not located any Leadbetter listed on any Loyalist list that I’ve found yet. I also have not been able to locate much from New Brunswick on any settlement being done in 1770 or there abouts. I have most of the information on who Peter & Susannah’s children were, I’m just trying to go back on Peter’s life to find out where he was born and who his parents were. We have a piece of unsubstantiated information that there was a Peter Leadbetter born in 1817, but I’ve never been able to prove this or figure out where the author of the book, “Leadbetter Records”, J.E. Ames came up with this information. Most of the early family information taking place in Boston from the 1600’s I can prove with no much trouble as the records are still available to do so.

What I am trying to do is to tie Peter Leadbetter back to who I believe was his Grandfather, Henry Leadbetter, who left Boston in August 1770, with his wife, Sarah Cumber, and their 3 children: Henry, Peter & Sarah. When this family left Boston, it is theorized they went to NS, NB or NF, but, I have found no trace of this family after they left Boston. Our theory is that the Peter who was born in 1810 would have been the son of the Peter who left Boston in 1770 with his 2 siblings and his parents. I have not been able to prove this in almost 30 years of trying. However, when I started in 1979 I had nothing, and now all I need to do is to fill in a gap of only about 40 years, or roughly one more generation…

If I had any idea of what area of Nova Scotia was being settled during the 1770 or any records I could check to verify the 1817 birth of a Peter Leadbetter in Antigonish, I’d be on it in a flash. I’ve run out of ideas. The only other information I have recently found was a listing that Peter Leadbetter owned quite a bit of property in Halifax. If this were true, what agency would I contact to try and locate any information on this?

Anyone with any thoughts or suggestions on how to break through this brick wall I’d really appreciate the help!

Jody B. Champlin

Researching the Leadbetter Family

LEBLANC – Emelie (Amelia), b. 15 May 1864, d. 17-Oct-47, b. Memramcook, NB d. Amherst, NS
Submitted by Michele (Cormier)Taal Sep-07

I would like to register one branch of my Cormier family tree, I have come to a dead end and would appreciate any help.

Anselme (Samuel) Cormier
b October 20, 1856 Memramcook, NB
married October 1, 1883 in Memramcook, NB
Emelie (Amelia) Leblanc
b May 15, 1864 Memramcook, NB
the family moved to Amherst after 1901 (in NB census)but before 1911 (in NS census)
he died June 10, 1924 and she died October 17, 1947


Edgar Samuel Joseph
b June 28, 1884 Sackville
m Leah Bourque November 21, 1904 Sackville
d September 27, 1967 Rodney, Ontario

Lena Marie
b June 12, 1886
m Antoine Richard January 26, 1914 Amherst
d ?
children ?

b January 13, 1888
m Marie Lena Duguay January 18, 1915
d ? 1943

Justin Jesse
b April 9, 1890 m Adele Della Legere November 25, 1919
d April 10, 1921
daughter Marie Regina Lena
b April 25, 1920
d August 9, 1920
any other children?

Minnie Marie
b April 1, 1892
m ?
d ?

Hadley (Hedley) Stephen
b September 1, 1894
m Mary Leblanc (widow) June 11, 1922
d May 12, 1927

Tina Marie (Theodora?)
b December 1, 1896
m Edward Alyre Gallant December 13, 1921
d ?
he died 1950
children ?
my mother vaguely remembers maybe a son Edward and daughter Geraldine?

Frederick Joseph
b October 8, 1901
m ? death certificate says single
d June 18, 1935

A person by the name of Prima Davison signed Emelie’s death certificate as her grand daughter, don’t know who’s daughter she is.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Michele Taal nee Cormier

LEBLANC – Thomas, Amherst, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Joseph LeBlanc Jun-02

I am looking for any information on a Thomas LeBlanc married to a Mary Lorette they had a child named Mary Corrine LeBlanc. And maybe an other child born in Amherst N.S. in 1901. I would love any help you might give.

Thanking You
Joseph LeBlanc
2302 Loch Lomond Rd.
Saint John N.B.

LEFURGEY /LEFURGY – b. 1756, d. 2005, Cumberland County, NS
Submitted by David Clark Mar-05

LELAND – Cumberland Co., NS
Submitted by Marilyn Bennett Apr-01

LETNEY – Cumberland Co., NS
Submitted by John Letney May-04

LEWIS – Frederick Elmer, b. 1930, d. 1992, b. Five Island, d. Amherst, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Linda Lewis Jan-03

LEWIS My Father: Frederick Elmer Lewis
Born: April 21, 1930
Place of Birth: Five Islands, Nova Scotia
Died: May 15, 1992
Place of Death: Amherst, Nova Scotia
Son of Blair and Violet Lewis

Submitted By: Daughter: Linda Lewis

This is simply the beginning of my genealogical research of my family (mainly of my father’s ancestors and perhaps some of my sisters and brothers) whom I seem to know little about given the young age I left them (while living in Amherst Nova Scotia).

I originally tried to gather/research this information through the “proper” government office – Vital Statistics of Halifax, Nova Scotia and came up with very little information but many dollars spent.

Can you provide any assistance? Any sort of reply would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

Linda Lewis

LEWIS – Jesse, b. 1760, d. 1836, father of Oman & Caleb Elisha, Cumberland Co., NS
Submitted by Roy Lewis Jul-02

LODER – Donald, b. abt. 1883, b.Prince Edward Island Family 1911, Amherst, NS
Submitted by Paul M. Sawler Sep-07

I am researching the surname LODER. Donald Loder b. cir 1883 on PEI married Margaret Wait in Amherst 22 Mar 1905. Margaret and their children are listed in the 1911 census as “boarder”, but Donald is missing. His 2 brothers James and George are in Dorchester Pen. as prisones in the 1911 census.

Paul M. Sawler

LOGAN – Hugh, b. 1750, d. 1832,
Submitted by Suzyqe101 Apr-11

LOGAN – Thomas, b. 1793, d. 1875,
Submitted by Suzyqe101 Apr-11

LOGUE – John, b. ca.Oct 1849, Ragged Reef, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Pat O’Donnell Dec-03

LOGUE, Ms. Alice Veronica 16-Oct-1906 Joggins Mines,Nova Scotia,Canada July 19, 1957 Detroit, Michigan,U.S.A
LOGUE, Ms. Catherine Abt 1846
LOGUE, Ms. Catherine Isabell July 05, 1889 Joggins Mines,Nova Scotia, Canada
LOGUE, Mr. Charles Abt 1836 Donegal, Ireland July 04, 1893 Joggins Mines,Nova Scotia, Canada
LOGUE, Reverend Father Charles Hans 23-May-1908 December 3, 1986
LOGUE, Mr. Charles Lionel June 29, 1890
LOGUE, Ms. Clara April 23, 1869
LOGUE, Mr. Cornelius Abt 1845 February 2, 1911
LOGUE, Ms. Estella February 07, 1886 December 11, 1954
LOGUE, Mr. Harry March 10, 1891 April 13, 1916
LOGUE, Ms. Helen Anastasia October 29, 1895
LOGUE, Ms. Jesse Romaine 15-Oct-1903 October 2, 1991
LOGUE, Mr. John Abt October 1849 Ragged Reef, Nova Scotia, Canada
LOGUE, Mr. John July 24, 1861
LOGUE, Mr. John Campbell April 29, 1893 December 17, 1972
LOGUE, Mr. Joseph Daniel September 22, 1897
LOGUE, Mr. Kenneth Alexander July 26, 1894
LOGUE, Ms. Margaret July 27, 1894
LOGUE, Ms. Margaret R. Abt 1859
LOGUE, Ms. Martha Abt 1841
LOGUE, Ms. Mary Abt July 1901
LOGUE, Ms. Mary Ann April 17, 1859 Joggins Mines,Nova Scotia, Canada June 17, 1870 Joggins Mines,Nova Scotia, Canada
LOGUE, Ms. Mary Ann Abt July 01, 1865 June 17, 1870
LOGUE, Ms. Mary Ella October 20, 1875 Abt 1933
LOGUE, Mr. Mathew Abt 1840 April 02, 1892
LOGUE, Mr. Matthew November 29, 1871
LOGUE, Mr. Matthew Romuld February 07, 1896
LOGUE, Mr. Rodger Abt 1809 Donegal, Ireland August 07, 1877 Joggins Mines,Nova Scotia,Canada
LOGUE, Mr. William Wilson September 04, 1899 June 1, 1966

Pat O’Donnell

LOVELY – Benjamin, d. ca.1829, Fort Lawrence, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Shaun Jones Aug-06

LOVELY – Luther Morris, b. 1806, Parrsboro/Cape d’Or, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Rick Redmond Dec-01

LOWE – Harvey G., Nova Scotia
Submitted by Karen Talley Mar-04

LOWTHER – [family], b. 1817, d. present, Cumberland, NS & Westmorland, NB
Submitted by Sharleen Jones Feb. 2021

I am researching the Lowther family that came to Canada in 1817 on the Trafalgar and shipwrecked on Brier Island, NS. There were 4 brothers – Thomas (1778-c.1860), William (1782-1841), Jonathan (1784-c.1842) and Joseph (1786-1872) – and one sister, Sarah (1773-1872), who was married to George Syme or Symes (possibly buried at Old Amherst Cemetery in 1862). I would like to share/exchange information with anyone who might be descended from this family. They settled in Amherst, Fenwick, Leicester, Minudie; and William settled in Westmorland County, NB.

LUNN – James Albert, b. 1827, d. 1916, New Salem, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Barb VanderRoest Nov-01

LUNT – Mary, b. 1759, d. 1811,
Submitted by Suzyqe101 Apr-11