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JACKMAN – Elizabeth, PEI & Springhill, NS
Submitted by Howard Kerwin Oct-05

JAMIESON – Cumberland Co., NS
Submitted by Barbara Northan Mar-01

JAMIESON – North Wallace & Fox Harbour, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Val Naugle Apr-01

JEFFERS – Cumberland Co., NS
Submitted by Kathryn Jeffers Aug-02

JEFFERS – Rose Mary, b. 11 Nov 1887, b.Parrsboro, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Paul Kendrick Dec-02


Surname or Maiden Name : Jeffers (nee Fowler; adopted from Halifax as a Cameron)

Given Name : Rose Mary

Birth Year : November 11, 1887

Location : Parrsboro

Your Name & E-mail Address: Paul Kendrick at

Additional Detail: Rose Mary Cameron – Deceased

Searching for sister to Rose Mary Cameron born Nov 11,1887. My mother, her daughter is in seventies and would dearly love to contact any cousins and know what became of her aunt. In approximately 1893 at 6 years of age was adopted by Alexander & Mary Fowler from Home of the Guardian Angel in Halifax. My grandmother’s sister was adopted out to another home which remains unknown. Their mother had passed away and their birth father went to sea for a living. Support payments from him stopped coming after a time so girls were put up for adoption. Sister was possibly younger in age (not definite about the age). Teaching nun at Mount Saint Vincent was reported to bear striking resemblance to our Mom. Would follow along that the Catholic connection runs throughout. Need to find records of Cameron family, assuming that a catholic father who lost his wife would possibly leave his children at Guardian Angel. It is wondered if he died at sea or simply abandoned the girls after a period of time that indicated he did indeed send support funds.

Paul Kendrick

JENKS – James, Amherst, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Bev Sumpter Apr-01

JENKS – James, b. 13 Oct 1733, d. 16 Aug 1806, born Providence, RI, died Parrsboro, NS
Submitted by Deborah Parks Jul-06

JEWKES – Cumberland County, NS
Submitted by Bob Simpson Dec-03

JOBB – Martha Ann, b. ca.1850, b.? Williamsdale, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Connie Ayer Mar-02

JOHNSON – Cumberland Co., NS
Submitted by Barbara Northan Mar-01

JOHNSTON – John, b. ca.1788, d. 1856, b. NS, d. Shinimicas, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Derek Hodgkins Dec-01

Johnston John (b) abt. 1788 N.S. ? (D)1856 in Shinimicas N.S. —-His wife Cynthia (b) 1796 in NB. —Daughter Sarah (b)1812 in N.B. —-Daughter Eliza (b) 1816 in N.S.(d) 1886 (m) Timothy Brownell—-Daughter Catherine (b)1824 (d)1863 (m) Arron Brownell—-Amanda (b)1831—–Cynthia (b)1832 (d)1869—-Son,s of John and Cynthia were Benjamin (b) ?? (d)1863 Shinimicas cumb. co.——Samual (b)1831—-Other,s Cyrus and wife Jane—-James—John—William
Any info on above please E MAIL TO:

Derek and Sara


Looking for information on John Johnston,s family living in the Shinimicas (goosriver) area in the early 1800. John b1788 d1856 his wife Cynthia b1796 in N.B. Sara b1812in N.B. ,Eliza S b 1816 d1886 and Catherine b1824 d1862 both married Brownell brothers. Benjamin d1863. Samuel b 1831 Cynthia b1832 d1869 . Other family members are Cyrus his wife Jane, William James, and John William. Hooping some one will find this of interest regards Allan

JOHNSTON – John, b. ca.1788, d. 1856, b. NS, d. Shinimicas, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Allan Johnston Sep-03

JOICE/JOYCE – b. 1756, d. 2005, Cumberland County, NS
Submitted by David Clark Mar-05

JONES – Aurelius Scott, b. 8 Nov 1838, Scarboro, Cumb. Co., ME, USA
Submitted by Jones Sep-01

subject found in lds familysearch. as aurelius scott jones. locale as scarboro cumberland maine birth 8 nov 1838 1 marriage to martha e robinson on 31 dec 1863 2 marriage to elizabeth a robinson on 7 jan 1867 and also on 15 jan 1867. would like to find originator of the records. the name aurelius is in our family so am trying to find source. thanks for what you may be able to help.

JONES – Thomas, b. c.1810, d. 1868, lived/marr. Cumb. Co. died So. Ontario
Submitted by Merilyn Thelander Jun-03

JOYCE – Parrsboro, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by James McGrath Mar-05

JOYCE – b. before 1850, Fox River/Port Greville, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Katherine Walker May-02