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FENTON – Maggie T., b. bet. 1843-53?, Amherst, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Andrew W. Muir Aug-02

FENWICK – Matthew Stephen, b. 1725, res. Cumberland (Twnshp.) County, NS
Submitted by Wallace Howe Sep-08

FERGUSON – Springhill, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Carol Riopel Apr-01

FIELD – John (Garin), b. 1770, d. 1805, Truro, Colchester Co., NS
Submitted by Donna Field May-05

FIFE – Margaret, b. ca.1806, d. ca.13 Mar 1888, Port Greville, Cumberland Co., NS
Submitted by Sharon Gubrud Jan-04

GRAHAM, Alexander, b. about 1800, location unknown.
d. 19 August 1862, Fox River,Parrsboro, NS

Married 19 October 1827 in St. George Anglican Church, Parrsboro, NS

FIFE, Margaret, b. about 1806, poss. Northern Ireland
d. about 13 March 1888, Port Greville, NS

Please add these two names of my GG Grandparents to the Surname Registry.

Sharon Gubrud
Eugene OR, USA

FISHER – Mary Elizabeth, b. 11 Feb 1882, d. 1942, Middleboro, Cumberland Co., NS
Submitted by Betty Thompson Jan-06

MARY ELIZABETH FISHER (AKA Liz) MARRIED Mansfield O’Brien on March 26 1902.
Liz was born on 11 Feb 1882 in Middleboro NS Died in 1942 in Truro NS ( 60 years old)
Need information on (a) her father Charles Fisher born in 1856 (cumberland county) (b) Liz’s mother Lucretia Jane (her maiden name?) born approx. 1853 Died 1897 in Cumberland county (c) her grandfather and grandmother and (c) how she is related to Ebenizer Fisher and his wife Olivia who are buried in the cemetery in Wallace River.
Thank you
Elizabeth Thompson (aka Betty) (in Ontario)

FLETCHER – Margaret E., d. 07-Dec-09, Saint John, NB
Submitted by Philip Reck Dec-14

Looking for more information on Margaret E Fletcher and her family. She married John Ervin (Irvin) from Nova Scotia Mar 27, 1873 in or near Truro. She died on Dec 07, 1909 in Saint John, NB.

FORSHNER – John Shaw, b. 01 Nov 1830, d. 27-Jan-06, bur. Hollywood, CA, USA
Submitted by Craig Forshner Feb-02

In doing research of my family tree, I discovered that John Shaw Forshner, a grandson of Major Andrew Forshner (one of the founders of Pugwash), was my great grandfather. He was born on Novermber 1, 1830, the son of John Forshner and Elice Harrison. John Shaw and Christine Anne MacKay had 13 children, one of which was John Gordon Forshner, my grandfather, born 1882 in Greenville Station. John Gordon Forshner married Bessie McLean and they had one son, John Gordon Forshner II (my father), born July 12, 1905. John Gordon Forshner II married Maude Craig Hays in 1930 in Yazoo City, Mississippi. They had two children, Dr. John Gordon Forshner, born May 27, 1936, and myself, Hugh Craig Forshner, born July 9, 1938. Unfortunately, my father was killed in an airplane crash near Louin, Mississippi, on June 19, 1938, less than a month before I was born. Dr. John Gordon Forshner married Barbara Hart in 1963 in Benton, Arkansas. They have two children, John Gordon Forshner IV, born February 6, 1968, in Jackson, Mississippi, and Adrienne Hart Forshner Kinsey, born in 1972 in Dalton, Georgia. John Gordon Forshner IV, a pilot for United Parcel Service, married Carrie Miller in 1997. Adrienne Forshner married Sean Kinsey Atlanta, Georgia in 1998. Hugh Craig Forshner married Jo Ann Brewer in January, 1966 (divorced in 1976) and we have one child, Elizabeth Ashlyn Forshner of Seattle, Washington. I presently live in Lakewood, Colorado.

I would like to know more about my great grandfather:
John Shaw
Born November 1, 1830
Died January 27, 1906 (buried in Hollywood Cemetery, Los Angeles, California)
Lived in the Pugwash, N.S. area.

I hope my information is useful.

Thank you,
Hugh Craig Forshner

FORSHNER – William, b. 1861, Wallace, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Diane Tinginys Mar-04

FORSYTH – James, b. 1878, d. 1948, Amherst, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Donald J. Reid Nov-05

FOSTER – Margaret (Colter), b. 12 Apr 1841, d. 22-Apr-22, Springhill, Cumberland County, NS
Submitted by Kent Foster Mar-17

FOSTER – Will(iam), b. 10 Dec 1835, b. Charlottetown, PEI, possibly in Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Shirley Dumma Jan-06

FOWLER – Amos (Jr.), b. ca.1792, d. 19 Mar 1861, Mt. Whatley, Westmorland. Co., NB
Submitted by Dale Hall Feb-07

I am looking for rhe children of the followong:
Amos Fowler, Junior
born: c 1792 in Mount Whatley
death: 19 March 1861 and buried @ St. Mark’s Anglican Church Cemetery, Mount Whatley.
Married : Lydia S.
Sarah E. b 1817
Celia M. b 1822
Caroline b 1823
Wiliam b 1828
Charles b 1830
Rufus S. b 1835
Thomas b 1841
Mary Anne b 1843

It says that Caroline is the 5th daughter of Amos Jr. and Lydia S. Fowler. Who is the missing daughter?

Thank you. Sincerely Dale Hall

FOWLER – James, Joggins, Cumb. Co., NS coal mine manager
Submitted by Mary Rother Dec-03

I am searching for information on the family of James Fowler and Christine McCormick of Joggins. These are my grandparents – James was the manager of the coal mine in Joggins. I do not have a date of birth or the date of his death. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Mary Rother

FOX – Florence, b. 1872, d. 1930, b. Windsor, Hants Co., NS m.1 Feb 1893 Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Scott S. Cavanagh Dec-02

FRAS(Z)ER – Cumberland Co., NS
Submitted by Lee Nettnin Apr-01

FRASER – Cumberland Counmty, NS
Submitted by Brian Ballard Jan-06

FRASER – Harry Brenton, b. 23-Oct-20, Wallace, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by William Bolton Jan-02

Fraser, Harry Brenton Born October 23, 1920 in Wallace, Cumberland County
Married Eleanor Barbara Williams in Prince George, British Columbia
They had Ronald Brenton and Sharon Elizabeth Fraser
Ronald Brenton married Rae Armstrong in Prince George, B. C.
They had Clinton and Byron Fraser

Sharon Elizabeth marries Carl William Bolton in Maui, Hawaii March 9, 2002 they reside in Santa Barbara, Ca.

William Bolton

FREEZE – William, b. 1745, res. Cumberland (Twnshp.) County, NS
Submitted by Wallace Howe Sep-08

FULTON – Thomas, West Brook, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Glenn Fulton Feb-03

Thomas and Susanna of the Southampton/Maccan area apx. 1790

I am looking for any possible information on the above folks as I believe them to be the parents of my great great grandfather, Josiah Fulton, who died at West Brook in 1866. Josiah married Elizabeth Atkinson in 1827.

Thank you,

Glenn Fulton
5710 N.E. 6th Place
Ocala, Florida, 34470

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FURLONG – Henry, b. 1762, d. 1828, Southampton, Cumb. Co., NS
Submitted by Sheldon Furlong Mar-01