Will Book A Index

A list of all persons named in the documents included in Will Book “A” is available in Microsoft Excel format.  It covers a range of dates from December 1770 to July 1830.

Will Book “A” Index (.xls)

The first image number and the number of pages in total for each document are included for your information. Some documents were recorded more than once. Sometimes the writing in the additional copy (or copies) is easier to read or the information is slightly different. The number of pages in the additional copies is included in the file as well.

How each person is related to the principal is identified in the relationship code.

Following is a translation of these codes:

AC – Apprentice
AD – Administrator
AP – Appraiser
AU – Aunt
C – Child
CA – Child, adopted
CS – Child, step
CO – Cousin
CM – Commissioner
DC – Debit or credit (owing or paid from the estate)
DL – Daughter in law
E – Executor
F – Father
FL – Father-in-law
G – Guardian
JP – Justice of the Peace
L – Lessee
LA – Lawyer
M – Mother
NC – Niece
NF – Nephew
PR – Principal – always the deceased in estate documents
SI – Sibling
SiL – Sibling-in-law (brother or sister in law)
SL – Son-in-law
SP – Spouse
SPP – Spouse, previous
SR – Servant
SV – Slave
SU – Surety (Bond)
T – Trustee
U – Unknown or unrelated
UN – Uncle
W – Witness
“G” in front for Grand (GC is Grand child)
“of” for subordinate relationship (CofSL is child of Son-in-law)
“/” separates two relationships (SP/E is spouse and executor)