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CCGS 20th Anniversary

We have added another decade to our genealogy goals!

Many more items have been added to our collections over the past 10 years. When this COVID 19 allows, please visit and review the newest materials, fonds, photos, books, etc. Until then feel free to contact the archives to help with your family genealogy research.

Stay Safe!

Add your family leaves to Cumberland County’s heritage tree

One-year-old Clara Brown adds a leaf in memory of her great-great-great-grandmother, Clara Brown, to the heritage tree at the Cumberland County Genealogy Centre in Amherst, with help from her mother, Kala Gaudet.

©Andrew Wagstaff – The Citizen-Record

AMHERST, N.S. – The Cumberland County Genealogical Society had the perfect person to place a leaf on its new heritage tree. They had Clara Brown do it, in memory of Clara Brown.

The one-year-old placed the leaf in memory of her great-great-great-grandmother, with her parents looking on, as members of the society spoke about their latest fundraiser in celebration of Canada 150.

“If anything, it is to recognize our ancestors, because Cumberland County has a rich, rich history,” said Marney Gilroy, treasurer of the society. “To come in and see your ancestor on that quilt, especially a namesake like Clara, to see the generations, it’s special.”

The heritage tree is a large quilted wall hanging, the idea of which came from society member Betty Compeer, who provided a nominal donation to get it started. The quilt was made by Glenda’s Quilts of Fredericton, and depicts a tree on which leaves can be added.

Each leaf bears the name of someone’s ancestor, and can be purchased at different price levels, with the funds going to support the genealogical society. Gold leaves are worth $100, silver are worth $50, and green are worth $25.

Indira Sinton of Uxbridge, Ont. purchased the leaf for Clara Brown, which was placed by her niece, Clara Brown, this week.

“Our family has been buying some leaves to support some of the work the genealogical society has been doing, and specifically this centre here,” said Art Brown, Clara’s father, at the society’s Amherst office. “It’s been a great resource for us in getting a lot more information about our own family tree, and also to memorialize our ancestors that are from this county.”

The quilt will be an ongoing project, always with room for expansion as it gets filled with more and more leaves.

“It will stay here on display, and we also plan on taking it with us if we go to other venues around the area,” said board director Barb Reid. “Whether it’s the blueberry festival, the Cumberland County Exhibition, or something in Parrsboro … sometimes we take our meetings on the road in the summer, so it can go to those venues too.”

Those wishing to have their ancestor included on the heritage tree can contact the Cumberland County Genealogical Society at 902-661-7278 or by email at archives@ccgns.

Link to above article published August 18, 2017:

Once By Sea – Once By Land

“Once By Sea – Once By Land”

A private publication by author Bliss Brown, a direct descendant of Elijah Brown (1780-1855)

NEW Price: $50.00 + (shipping and handling is extra)

1100 pages 8 ½” X 11″, (3 Volume Set)

“Once By Sea, Once By Land” is a three volume 1100 page collection of genealogy and history based upon the ancestry and descendants of Elijah Brown (31 March 1780 – 30 September 1855). The story begins in England 1635, to Boston, then New Hampshire and Maine before his marriage 1802 in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. The families of Elijah and Henrietta (Cannon) Brown spread across Colchester and Cumberland counties of Nova Scotia, Westmorland County of New Brunswick and Elgin County, Ontario. The wide span of family names include Siddall, Piers, Carter, Welton, Hughes, Fife, Brundage, Jeffers, Skidmore, Kennedy, Tabor, Edwards, Pettigrew, Thompson, Allen, Canning, Harrison, Hoeg, Bird, Atkinson, Cochrane, Bowden, Dowe, Quinn and of course, Brown; and so many more. Pages also include over 300 photographs and numerous obituaries. Authored by Bliss Brown, after more than 40 years of research.

Five Score and More – Reflections of A Centenarian

Newest publication release from members of CCGS

The long awaited release of “Five Score and More – Reflections of a Centenarian” is here. This book captures life in Cumberland County as told by or about these wonderful people who lived here for 100 years and more. Read their stories of life before electric lights, of simpler times, war times, the Depression and much more. Printed in 8 ½ x 11 size and colour it sells for members price of $49.95 and non-members price of $54.95 ( shipping and handling is extra) If you would like to order a copy please send an email to “”

Please Note:
Due to costs incurred for publications the CCGS Board of Directors has voted to limit purchases of membership priced publication at one (1) copy per single membership or two (2) copies per family membership at listed pricing.

All non-membership pricing remains for unlimited number of copies at listed price.

New Book Released January 2017


      “We Rise Again – a genealogy of the descendants of Richard and Dorothy (Patton) Thompson, Pioneer Settlers of Oxford, Nova Scotia”

      This series represents the life-long research of Cyril Oickle who started this project at the age of 10 years. In 2015, Cyril was very close to publishing his work when he passed away from a sudden illness. His work has been donated to CCGS by Cyril’s family with the request that we fulfill Cyril’s dream of having his work published.

     We Rise Again … is a five volume set containing 10 Chapters dedicated to Richard Thompson & Dorothy Patton and their 9 children.

Volume 1 – contains chapter 1 – Richard Thompson & Dorothy Patton & chapter 2 – Ralph Thompson (1st child) & Mary Sweeney

Volume 2 – contains chapter 3 – Ann Thompson (2nd child) & Joshua Brundage, chapter 4 – Mark Thompson (3rd child) & Mary Read & chapter 5 – Eleanor Thompson (4th child) & Charles Chappell

Volume 3 – contains chapter 6 – Dorothy Thompson (5th child) & James Chappell & chapter 7 – Richard Thompson (6th child) & Elizabeth Read

Volume 4 – contains chapter 8 – Letitia Thompson (7th child) & George Allen, chapter 9 – Abigail Thompson (8th child) & John Fillmore & chapter 10 – Mary Thompson (9th child) & John Oxley

Volume 5 – contains the Index to all chapters

Click to visit our publications page to order a volume of your choice or full set today!

Old Photograph #42

Do you know this person?

We have many vintage photographs in our Archives. Several images of people we have been unable to identify, and so we’d like to enlist the help of our visitors.

The person in this photo could possibly be a Rector or Scott from Cumberland County, NS.

If you think you know who this person is, please let us know by emailing stating “unknown photo #42″ in the subject line. If they are identified, we’ll post here to let you know.

1907 Vital Statistics Book

This book is a compilation of newspaper articles containing vital statistics for Cumberland County, Nova Scotia as recorded by the “Amherst Daily News,” Amherst, Nova Scotia, from January 1, 1907 to December 31, 1907.

All vital statistics were transcribed in full as recorded in these issues. Entries were copied from microfilms housed at Mount Allison University, Ralph Pickard Bell Library, Sackville, New Brunswick. All individuals named within these articles, with the exception of ministers, have been cross-referenced for an easy search for your ancestors. At the end of each article in italics you will find the source of the article. For example: ADN Tues., Apr. 10, 1907 p.1 consists of the abbreviated name of newspaper, the publication date of the newspaper and the page number.

Get your copy now at 1907 Vital Stats Book or go to Products drop down box above and/or select other publications.

CCGS July Meeting

July 28 – Ottawa House Museum in Parrsboro hosted CCGS’ meeting with guest speaker, Clemm Larsen, who provided on PowerPoint, an informative Pictorial Tour of the Parrsboro Shore.



.Thanks to Rick & Shirley King for hosting this event for our members, read more in the June Cumberland Roots newsletter

Thanks to Rick & Shirley King for hosting this event for our members, read more in the June Cumberland Roots newsletter

Show & Tell at January CCGS Meeting

Photo of Angus MacDonald

Marie (MacDonald) Trueman shows an heirloom photo of her paternal grandfather, Angus MacDonald.  The McDonalds originally came from Scotland to Fox Harbour, N.S. and later relocated to River Philip.

Before the miners strike in Springhill Angus had a confectionery store on Main Street in Springhill, NS.

Thanks Marie for sharing your story with us.