Lorneville, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia


Cumberland County, Nova Scotia

From wilderness to busy seaside community

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348 pages

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Once a wilderness, the community was divided into crown lots, and gifted or sold to the settlers. Known by various names over the years, but became officially named Lorneville after the Marquis of Lorne, Canada’s Governor General from 1878 to 1883, on the 1 st  day of February 1881.  This book is a history of Lorneville’s land and its people. It tracks land which
was sometimes owned by the same family for generations and even to this date. This book also
follows the history of the community exploring the post office, school, the church, the two
cemeteries, even the little stores and its airfield.  It tracks places that have vanished and includes
a gallery of photos.  And although the Church bell no longer rings, the membership is still strong,
and the voices still sing loud on Sunday mornings.

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