Woman Warrior at Wounded Knee

Woman Warrior at Wounded Knee “Micmac”/Mi’kmaq Legend… Anna Mae Pictou Aquash

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Woman Warrior at Wounded Knee
“Micmac”/Mi’kmaq Legend… Anna Mae Pictou Aquash

“From the era of Native American political activism and militancy during the early 1970’s, there is no more memorable and haunting figure than Anna Mae Pictou Aquash. An active American Indian Movement (AIM) member, Warrior, mother, wife, social worker, and teacher, her image is powerful as much for her untimely death as for her life’s work. Found murdered on the Pine Ridge Reservation during a time of tremendous social and political upheaval, she became the symbol of the movement for Indian rights.

Much is written on the senseless tragedy of her death and the treachery behind it. This book focuses instead on her life. Those who knew Anna Mae recall her kindness, charm, wit, smarts, calm, and her fearlessness. She was full of mischief and a royal pain. Like all Warriors who were active during the 1973 standoff at Wounded Knee and Pine Ridge Reservation, she knew the consequences of taking a stand, and she continued to do so, refusing to stand down. She made no compromises, lived her life fully to the edge, and experienced a freedom and independence few of us are brave enough to attain.”

Donald (Byrd) Douglas Awalt

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