Cumberland Roots Vol. 1 Issue 2

Cumberland Roots Volume 1, Issue 2 – June 19, 2001

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[From the President] – Having just passed our first anniversary, I think back to the birth of our Society, and the successful start we were given through the well-attended seminar presented by Dr. Allan Marble just last May. It hardly seems a year in some respects, and now, with our membership nearing sixty, I feel the effort to get a genealogy interest group started here has been well rewarded. We’ve enjoyed some excellent guest speakers and set ourselves up to meet Society-status requirements. We now have a Newsletter and a Website, and long-range plans for some ideas that have come forward from our members.

The monthly demand to present interesting and informative programs at our meetings has been difficult. The solution, of course, is a Program Committee to develop programs and communication strategies for the coming year.

We have been meeting at the Cumberland County Museum, and I want to express my thanks on behalf of the Society, for their generosity and support. I look forward to a continued good working relationship with them.

My main objective has always been to provide a forum for those interested in genealogy to get together and share their interests. I sincerely hope that you have found the opportunity to share information to your satisfüction. I invite your comments and suggestions, and welcome your input. In fact, our continued success depends on it.

I look forward to our second year as a Society with great anticipation and enthusiasm. I hope you do as well.

I wish each of you an enjoyable summer of personal and family renewal.
Jerry Randall

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