Memories of Hansford

Memories of Hansford, Nova Scotia

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This is a fascinating recollection of Charles Wavrock’s memories of people and events along the Hansford Road from the 1920’s up to 1991. Families mentioned several times in the book are Beel, Chisholm, Dorn, Gray, Harkness, Embree, Hudson, King, Knight, Lockhart, Mattinson, Mayne, Rushton, Stewart, Sutherland, Tait, Thompson, Wavrock and Wood.

Many people came to know Charlie through his involvement with the Oxford Area Men’s Choir, the Oxford Pioneer Heritage Club and as a canvasser for the Canadian Cancer Society, the Kidney Foundation and the Oxford and Area Food Bank. He was recognized for his volunteer efforts in 1994 as Volunteer of the Year for his community.

Permission for the Cumberland County Genealogical Society to publish this book was given by his widow, Mrs. Dorothy Wavrock. A surname index is included, along with photos, and a map of the area with legend.

This manuscript was written in 1991 while the Appendix A article was penned in 1912 by Myrtle Stevens.

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