An Ancient River Valley

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8½” X 11″, 78 pages B&W print & photos

This history is dedicated to the memory of the early settlers of Lakelands, and an era that is gone forever. They lived in a time of hardship, and simple living, and made this wonderful community the great place it is today.

Compiled by Marion A. Kyie
Lakelands N.S.

As there was very little printed material on Lakelands, except for family histories, we turned to the residents, and former residents for information and help. Therefore these pages have been compiled to preserve stories and history, as memory permits, before it is lost in the mists of time. We regret any errors, omissions, or violation of copyright and are grateful for the help we received. Thank you to Barbara Ripley, without whose help and inspiration this book would not have been compiled, also gratefully acknowledging the many hours of typing and preparation by Janet (Kyle) Brown.