Early Parrsborough And its First Families

Early Parrsborough And its First Families

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Published by author Edward Crane Gilbert, Parrsboro, Cumb. Co., Nova Scotia

Early Parrsborough

          During my years of researching the Crane families of Partridge Island and Parrsborough I found a lot of erroneous and contradictory information about the settlement. There was little or no mention of its first settlers Silas and Mary Crane, who arrived on April 16, 1778. James Ratchford who was to become their son-in-law was nearly 14 years old at that time. According to Mary Crane’s petition to the Provincial Government, they were at the Island two years before any other settlers arrived and their nearest neighbour was 25 miles away. Also according to the Crane letters, Jonathan never lived in Parrsborough at all and James Noble Shannon did not arrive until 1787, one year after young James Ratchford arrived. These were the facts that I wanted to clarify as well as acquaint the readers with some of the leading personalities of the area, especially the Cranes and their relatives. This study has been underway for 25 years and I believe that there is still much more waiting to be uncovered.

Although I have gathered names, dates and information from many sources, all opinions and conclusions are my own. I have many people, both living and deceased to thank for their help; mainly Mr. Norman Harrison, Mr. Conrad Byers, Mr. Gordon Haliburton, Dr. Randy Ridgeway, Mrs. Jean Miller, Mrs. Mary Birch, Mr. Howard Dickson, Ms. Debbie Innes, my late father Edward Gilbert Sr., my daughter Lori, my son Billy for getting me started, my grandson Justin for editing the story and most of all my loving wife Thelma.

Edward C. Gilbert
Revised Edition

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