Fraserville Church celebrates birthday – Fraserville Union Church

FRASERVILLE – The 100th anniversary of the Fraserville Union Church will be observed at the annual church service being held there Sunday, August 14 at 3 p.m.

Rev. Dewis Rector will be guest speaker and special music will be provided. A social hour will follow in the community hail, and everyone is welcome to attend.

The Fraserville Union Church was built during 1894. Long before the ecumenical movement had become a concern of Christians generally, there was the spirit of cooperation which enabled people of different denominations to do together that which no one could do alone.

The Union church represented the Baptist, Presbyterians, Methodist and Church of England.

Four trustees were appointed to the church being the Baptist John G. Grant, John Hanning of the Presbyterians, Oliver Allen who represented the Methodists and Edward Crossman of the Church of England.

The church was built by George Crowe who was assisted by local people of the area.

The site on which the church was built is described in the deed as being part of Parrsboro Shore Lot number 20 and it measured about 80 square rods. It was expressly stated that the land was to be used only for church purposes, when it was deeded over to the trustees in 1891 by William Grant.

During earlier days, there was a Sunday school of which Mrs. John Hanning was the first superintendent.

The services eventually ceased over the years and an annual service is now held.

(Source: The Citizen, Saturday, August 13, 1994, – Fraserville Church celebrates birthday – Fraserville Union Church)